Who are we really? Stats on the SBTF Membership

The SBTF Membership currently comprises 700+ volunteers from 70+ countries around the world. But who are we really? I finally made some time to find out by reading through every single bio on our Ning platform—a total of 720 when this blog post went to press. Volunteers are invited to write whatever they’d like in their bio’s so these are not structured or standardized. This makes codification somewhat challenging but I was able to pull out some general metrics.

The average age of a Mapster (as we like to call ourselves) is 32.3 years. (Note that about 20% did not include this information in their bio). Also, while many didn’t fill in the gender field, about 65% of volunteers are women. In terms of professions, these are displayed in the pie chart below.

Other professions include economists, lawyers, designers, financial analysts, psychologists, geophysicists and one airline pilot. We also have several retired professionals who are a very important part of this network.

In terms of academic background, many professionals didn’t include this information so the majority of the degrees below are for current or recently graduated students.

I hope to follow up this blog post with a more qualitative one that shares excerpts of bios from volunteers who are happy to have this information made public.

5 thoughts on “Who are we really? Stats on the SBTF Membership

  1. This goes to show the beauty and strenght in our diversity. With each volunteer coming onboard with his/her unque skills, knowledge, and experiences; the SBTF is simply the best team to work on. Working on assignments with this inspiring team of dedicated achievers leaves you waiting for the next deployment. Its a great honour being part of SBTF.

  2. Thank you, Patrick, for leading us to the recognition that we have received! You are an inspiration to us… You and Anahi, among others are truly awesome!! Thanks for having me as part of this wonderful, dedicated group of mapsters!!

  3. Patrick !!!!!!!! you rock,
    To some of us coming from the southern countries it was a great honour for us to contribute and work with the rest of the team despite of all the infrastructural challenges.

    It is and was a great learning experience for me in particular, and looking forward to volunteer more and use the acquired skills to contribute to the development of my country (Uganda) , great Lakes region and Africa at large

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