SBTF Calls for Filipino Diaspora support on Typhoon Hagupit | Ruby

Are you in the Philippines or part of the Filipino Diaspora?

The Standby Task Force needs your help to identify, report and locate critical issues for rescuers and relief workers. We are looking for are short and actionable bits of information that can point government agencies, humanitarian organization and volunteers to individuals and communities in need.

How can you get this information to us?

Easy, if you know of a blocked road you can tweet us directly @SBTaskForce or using the hashtag #SBTF with the relevant information included.

What type of information is important?

Road closures

Downed power lines

Trapped people

Building collapses

Requests for help/needs

Evacuations needed/completed

Food/Water aid needed/provided

[In specific we are interested in information that falls into any of the following three categories (1) Requests for Help/Needs; (2) Humanitarian Aid Provided; (3) Infrastructure Damage

For example:

Street, village name. No water available. #SBTF

Street/village name. 4 people trapped #SBTF

Road/Town. Road blocked by landslide. Pic #SBTF]

Anyone can help us with these efforts, however if you have first hand knowledge of the locations affected we need your support in particular. Are you in the Filipino Diaspora and still have family on the ground? Do you know anyone currently stationed in the Philippines? If you have a few minutes or even a couple hours we can use your direct support.

Have a question on our needs? Shoot us a Direct Message @SBTaskForce or email Thanks for taking the time to volunteer and support these critical relief efforts.

Not yet a member? Find out how here: Have a bit more time to volunteer and interested in officially signing up to provide continued support on this deployment in particular? Review the information on this site, sign-up and we will be in-touch:

For regular updates please visit us at any of the following:




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