Alert for task force members: Potential Standby Task Force deployment for Vanuatu

Hi SBTF members

This is a note to alert you to the situation in the South Pacific.


Tropical Cyclone Pam, a category 5 storm, has hit Vanuatu and expected to cause significant damage.

News reports on CNN (  and ABC ( provide some more information.

There was good warning of the storm’s approach and Vanuatu has good disaster preparedness procedures.

Please prepare for activation

The Standby Task Force has not yet been activated. The Core Team is monitoring the situation and we’re asking you, and your fellow SBTF members, to prepare for an activation.

If we are asked to assist, we expect to deploy the Micromappers platform as well as Geolocation and support to quality check any reports produced so that anything urgent can be  handed straight to responders.

We’d like to ask you to keep an eye on your emails, the ning, facebook and the main Skype chat and be ready to volunteer.

Obviously we won’t activate unless there is a clear need for our services but we’d rather be ready and not be called than be unprepared.

Keep in touch

If you’ve got any questions, comments, suggestions then drop me or anyone in the core team an email or ask in the SBTF general chat room on Skype. or

Thanks, and I’m sure all our thoughts and hopes are with the people of Vanuatu

Ben for the Core Team

PS This is my first message to the whole network since I joined the Core Team. I’ve been a member of SBTF since 2011 and I’m really proud to be able to work with you all.


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