Online volunteers extend their work to support response in Vanuatu

Volunteer network Standby Task Force will extend its deployment in support of Vanuatu until Sunday 22 March 2015. The deployment has originally been expected to end on Friday 20 March 2015.

The Standby Task Force, a network of volunteer “crisis-mappers” is working at the request of the UN’s Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UN OCHA).

They are collating a resource to help agencies responding to the crisis better understand the situation and work more effectively with each other on the ground. The amount of information has been increasing over the past day and so the decision has been taken to extend the deployment to capture as much useful data as possible.

They have also been sifting through images of the damage and publishing the relevant images on maps to help agencies plan their response. This phase of the work has now been completed.

The maps are available online:

Joyce Monsees is a member of the Standby Task Force core team with responsibility for volunteer engagement. She is one of the leads for the deployment

She said:

“ I continue to be amazed by the global spirit of this group. Our members come from all corners of the earth, but they share the desire to help those in need. I see them help out on their lunch hour, in between classes or after they have put their kids to bed. It is truly a wonderful world we live in when complete strangers dedicate time together to help people whom they will never meet..

The Standby Task Force was created in 2010 and brings together hundreds of digital humanitarians from over 80 countries.

For media enquiries contact Ben Proctor @likeaword skype:likeaword

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