Request for volunteers: monitoring Nigerian elections

This is not an activation of the Standby Task Force

Request for assistance

Elections in Nigeria are coming up, and CODE has asked us for support with geolocation and categorization of observer- and citizen reports to their Ushahidi instance.

The elections will take place on

  • Saturday, March 28 (Presidential and National House of Assembly) and
  • Saturday, April 11 (Governors and State House of Assembly)

The overall project

CODE has developed Uzabe ( ) to observe the 2015 elections in Nigeria and create situation awareness on election day processes and emergencies pre, during and after elections.

Reports will be generated from CODE’s 300+ observers (this number might grow to 1000+ as they are in partnership talks w/ other observing organizations) in 31 states of the country.

The role of the Standby Task Force

CODE is asking for SBTF members to help with:

Media Monitoring: To help with “creating reports” from Facebook, Twitter and some news coming from the media.

Geo-location: To help with Geo-locating reports. They already have Polling Unit Location Guide.

Report team: To help with categorizing, verifying and approving reports. They already have category checklist.

Links to more information are on the Ning (only available to SBTF members).

Sign up now

CODE are asking for volunteers for: March 28 and March 29 and for April 11 and April 12.

Links to more information and the sign-up forms are on the Ning (only available to SBTF members).

This is not a Standby Task Force activation but we know that many volunteers will want to assist. Several members of the core team will be taking part.

If you have any questions about this request for volunteers please contact Per in the core team: skype: per_aarvik

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