Immediate activation. Earthquake affecting Nepal

A substantial earthquake struck Nepal at 06:11 UTC today (25 April 2015).

We are activating as part of the global humanitarian response.

Activation started at 1200 UTC 25 April 2015.

We have two tasks:

  • task one is to create a map with relevant text and images from public data sources and place this on a map. The aim is to ensure that responders have good information as they arrive in the country.


  • task two is to create an information resource for responders as we did for Haiyan and Cyclone Pam / Vanuatu. The aim is to make sure responders know who is responding, where and what they plan to do.


We need all volunteers with all skills

Please sign up now. There is one sign up sheet for both tasks. (Only for SBTF volunteers)

In this situation more than any other, speed will be absolutely critical. The more volunteers we can have working right now the quicker we can help the humanitarian response.



Leads for this deployment are:

Jus MacKinnon ( skype:fidget01)

Stuart Costello ( skype: stuart.costello5)

Ben Proctor ( skype:likeaword)


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