Update #6 on Refugees in the Balkans deployment

This is the sixth update on the deployment for refugees on the Balkan route.

I will keep it short, I promise.

Our deployment ends 18:00 UTC, September 23rd, 2015.

This means that we are in the final stretch now. It’s time to focus on searching for more information, to add a few more lines into our document. Working on this deployment we’ve learned how fast this refugee crisis is evolving. New information is needed in order to help Internews investigate services and information flows for refugees traveling along the Turkey – Balkans – Germany route. We just need to keep doing the amazing work we’ve done in the last few days.

If you signed up but are having problems accessing Slack, please get in touch with Helena (helena@howtobuildup.org), Per (per@standbytaskforce.com) or Stuart (stuart@standbytaskforce.com)

We would love to hear from you as well

Your thoughts will help us improve this deployment. You don’t have to come up with a solution, but it is important that we are aware of problems. All feedback we receive that contains a suggestion or a complaint is important to us.

Depending on your time zone, please feel free to contact:

Joyce joyce@standbytaskforce.com Skype: joyce.monsees  Slack: joycemonsees-sbtf (UTC -7)
Stuart stuart@standbytaskforce.com Skype: stuart.costello5  Slack: stuart_sbtf (UTC + 1)


Leads for this deployment are:

Per Aarvik (per@standbytaskforce.com) skype:per_aarvik

Helena Puig Larrauri (helena@howtobuildup.org)

Keep in touch

If you’ve got any questions, comments, suggestions then drop me or anyone in the core team an email or ask in the SBTF general chat room on Skype.

valeria@standbytaskforce.com or coreteam@standbytaskforce.com

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