The Standby Task Force has been activated to support NetHope’s work to support refugees in Europe

We have been activated

The deployment starts 1200 UTC Sunday December 6 2015 and will run until 1200 UTC Sunday December 20 2015.

NetHope teams are installing WiFi Internet services for refugees. They need information about where refugees are gathering so they know where to install their services.

Our task is to provide them with the best and most up to date information about where internet access is needed in this fast moving and fluid situation.

Connections are crucial. Mobile phone and internet connections enable people to keep in contact with their families with their communities. It also gives people access to information, advice and support from across the globe as the work you did with Internews in September was testament.

We’ll need people with information management and geolocation skills. People with language skills relevant to the Middle East, Greece and the Balkans would be helpful as well.

NetHope are focused on Slovenia and Croatia right now but we plan to collect data from a wider group of countries.

This is our unique mission. There is no other organisation set up to deliver this sort of task. If we don’t do it, no one will.

For SBTF volunteers:

What you need to do next depends on whether you already have an account on our Slack service.

If you have already joined the SBTF Slack, just drop into there will be working documents pinned to that channel. Say hi and we’ll put you to work as soon as the deployment starts. You can join right now.


Visit this page on the Ning to be directed to the sign up for the Slack service. We just need to make sure you are a SBTF volunteer. As soon as we can we’ll get you added in. Please sign up as soon as you can.

For people who are not volunteers

Why not Join the Standby Task Force

If you’d like to get in touch with us about this or any other deployment email

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