Online volunteers are working online to help connect people travelling to and through Europe as refugees

Volunteers from across the world are sorting through news articles, social media posts and other online sources of information to build a picture of where refugees are and what some of their needs are.

The volunteers are from the Standby Task Force which for the past five years has been working online to support humanitarian agencies on the ground.

Their current project is to help NetHope provide internet connections. Other agencies working on the ground who would meet the Standby Task Force activation criteria are invited to request access to the data.

Per Aarvik, from Norway, is the vice-President of the Standby Task Force.  He said

“Standby Task Force volunteers have developed an expertise in finding, evaluating and publishing the sort of data that humanitarian organisations find hard to get hold of themselves. Our 1,600 volunteers are based in over 100 countries they bring a huge range and diversity of skills and experience. To see them collaborate online and produce high quality information makes me so proud.”

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