The SBTF,  was launched at the 2010 International Conference on Crisis Mapping (ICCM 2010), currently comprises some 2,000 skilled volunteers with dedicated experience in online Crisis Mapping. Existing SBTF volunteers are from 70+ different countries and have been involved in crisis mapping projects for Haiti, Chile, Pakistan, Colombia, Sudan, Libya, Somalia, Philippines etc.


  • Anahi Ayala Iacucci
  • Patrick Meier
  • Jaro Valuch


Alumni Core Team Members

  • Svend-Jonas Schellhorn
  • Sara-Jayne Farmer
  • Melissa Elliot
  • Helena Puig Larrauri
  • Jeannine Lemaire
  • Brendan O’Hanrahan
  • Sentil Prakash Chinnachamy
  • Kirk Morris
  • Alain Lemaire

Alumni Team Coordinators

Media Monitoring Team

  • Marta Poblet
  • Jeannine Lemaire
  • Christina Kraich-Rogers
  • Rose Merritz

Geolocation Team

  • Sentil Prakash Chinnachamy
  • Om Goeckermann
  • Brendan O’Hanrahan

Mapping and Analysis Team (MAT)

  • Diana Sinton
  • Svend-Jonas Schelhorn
  • Hilary Nicole Ervin
  • Sara-Jayne Farmer
  • Sentil Prakash Chinnachamy

Humanitarian Team

  • Patrick Meier
  • Jaro Valuch

SMS Team

  • Om Goeckermann
  • Nicole Rodgers

Task Team

  • Elena Rapisardi

Technology Team

  • Ajay Kumar
  • Chris Roblee
  • Dhairya Dalal

Verification Team

  • Bharathi Ramasubramanian
  • Ajay Kumar

Report Team

  • Melissa Elliott
  • Nicole Rodgers
  • Laura Morris
  • Teodora Gyupchanova

Translation Team

  • Teodora Gyupchanova

Regional Coordinators

  • Coordinator of North America Team: Ellen Feig
  • Coordinators of South and Central America Team: Luciana Torriani and Virginia Brussa
  • Coordinator of Europe Region Team: Beth Grimm
  • Coordinator of Africa Team: Ibrahim K. Oyekanmi
  • Coordinator of Asia and Australia Team: Md. Ehsanul Hoque


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