Standby Task Force Membership Application

We are a network of volunteers from across the world who work together online. If you would like to join us, please complete the form below.

14 thoughts on “Standby Task Force Membership Application

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  9. Catherine MacCulloch

    Hi I saw the piece on bang goes the theory programme tonight about crisis mapping. I would like to get involved and just wonders what the time commitment was. I have three young kids so time is limited but would love to do something worthwhile and am really interested.

    1. Nicole Rodgers

      Hello Catherine. Thank you for your interest! The time commitment is really whatever time that you have available and to offer. When we activate for our deployments we understand that not everybody will be available at that exact time or for the duration of our activation. We are very happy to accept the time that you have to offer. We have training sessions between our deployments and you can stay active in the community with whatever time you have available as well. We are happy to encourage you to apply: Thank you for reaching out. Happy Helping.


    I have just signed up for the SBTF team and ready tobe deployed at Nepal for helping people in the crisis in the hour of need.

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