What We Do

Standby Task Force provides humanitarian organisations with real-time Crisis Mapping and situational awareness support. We’re a volunteer-based network of trained digital humanitarians who represent the first wave in Online Community Emergency Response Teams.

We deliver our results by using a variety of tools including MicroMappers, AIDR and the 3W format. By being one of the members within the “Digital Humanitarian Network” we can also use other members skill sets. For example Translators without Borders, ESRI, GISCorps to name but a few.

Standby Task Force is leading the way with Geo-location and Verification techniques. By exploring and testing new ways, we aim to achieve the highest of standards.

Also SBTF actively seeks to extend volunteer skill sets to encompass emerging technology by training. A dedicated podcast series also seeks to provide volunteers with a better understanding of the humanitarian field with speakers presenting on various subjects.

The SBTF has specific protocols for organizations seeking to activate the SBTF online volunteer community. There are also specific criteria for the SBTF to decide whether or not to accept a request.

If you require more information please do not hesitate to contact us.

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